Krasnodar Yugagro

LUPUS at the largest agricultural fairs in Russia – YugAgro!

LUPUS at the largest agricultural fairs in Russia – YugAgro!

YugAgro in Krasnodar. As of November 20 – 23, we had pleasure to participate in our 3rd international fairs – YugAgro in Krasnodar. Being the biggest exhibition of agricultural machinery in Russia. In 2018, it was participated by 679 exhibitors from 35 countries. In total, the exhibition occupied over 5ha and it was organised upon the support of the Ministry of Agriculture in Russia. Traditionally, our primary export product was presented, rapeseed harvesting table for harvesters. We were glad our exhibition stand was visited by so many companies liaising with us. We also managed to talk to Mr. Aleksander Gromowem from Pstków, who is already using our machine. A short video relation and opinion of the Host about our machinery below ?

Kolejny krok w rozwoju – produkcja stołów do rzepaku i targi Agrosalon 2018 (8)

Next step in the development – manufacturing of rapeseed harvesting tables and Agrosalon 2018 fairs.

Next step in the development – manufacturing of rapeseed harvesting tables and Agrosalon 2018 fairs.

Since 15 years, Lupus from Ciechanów successfully runs its business activity within the agricultural sector. From the very beginning, we are well known from the sales of eastern technique – mainly MTZ Belarus tractors.

In 2012, we entered into a liaison with Rostselmash, a worldwide giant, one of the biggest companies manufacturing harvesters. From the very beginning of liaison, we were trying to promote the Russian brand and approach the advantages of the products from Rostov-at-Don to the Polish agriculturalists. New users were served with diligence, so that the share of the Russian company in the market could raise from season to season.

Autoryzowany Delare Rostselmash

With the end of 2017, we ceased to be the official dealer of foreign harvesters and at this point we would like to thank everyone for the effort put into the promotion of Rostselmash in Poland. We are glad that since 2018, the new Importer of Rostselmash Harvesters has become an experienced company esteemed by agriculturalists, namely Korbanek. We wish them a lot of success in the sales of the machinery from the factories from Rostov-at-Don.

Export of rape adapters

Kolejny krok w rozwoju – produkcja stołów do rzepaku i targi Agrosalon 2018 (10)

Simultaneously, we have the pleasure to inform that since two years, we have intensively dealt with the modernization of our service facility in Ciechanów. Currently, LUPUS is one of the biggest manufacturers of rapeseed harvesting tables in Poland. Business contacts established for all these years with eastern countries contributed that currently our rapeseed harvesting tables are exported to European countries such as Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Belarus. Our harvesting tables are deemed to be a revelation in Kazakhstan and Russia, what is reflected by a satisfaction of our Customers.

Agrosalon 2018 – agricultural fairs in Moscow.

Kolejny krok w rozwoju – produkcja stołów do rzepaku i targi Agrosalon 2018 (2)

As of October 8-12, we had a pleasure, as one of the few Polish companies, to present our product at the faris in Moscow. Agrosalon is the biggest and most prestigious fair in Russia where also western manufacturers are exhibited. Lupus at its exhibition stand presented a rapeseed harvesting table designated to harvesters. We would like to thank all partners for visiting our exhibition stand. We had also a great pleasure to host the CEO of Rostselmash, Mr. Valeriy Maltsev. We are convinced that the meetings held will result in further liaison.

And soon, you will be able to follow our next promotional steps during the fairs in Kazakhstan and Krasnodar.

Targi AgroWorld, Ałmaty. Kazachstan (1)

AgroWorld fairs, Almaty, Kazachstan

AgroWorld fairs, Almaty, Kazachstan. The last months of the year of 2018, were our intensive promotion abroad, via participation in agricultural fair in the member states of the Commonwealth of the Independent States. At the beginning of October, we had a pleasure to present the rapeseed harvesting table at AGROSALON fairs in Moscow, and as of October 31 – November 2, we took part in AgroWorld fairs which took part in Kazakhstan, in the city of Almaty. Almaty is a city premised in the southwest of Kazakhstan with over 1,5 million of inhabitants. It is the former capital city of the country, only 300 km from the border with China.

The 13th AgroWorld Kazachstan fairs are the biggest fairs of agricultural machinery and equipment, not only in Kazakhstan, yet also in the entire Central Asia. According to the organizers, the business activity of over 90 companies was presented,  and what is interesting over 70% of them were foreign companies.

In order to get to such a remote place, we had a stopover at Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow, where we could see several of our favorite MTZ BELARUS tractors – tractors used at the airport i.e. for transporting the passenger baggage.

Выставка AgroWorld — Алма-Аты, Казахстан

Reaching the place of the exhibition, to the complex of Ataken, in the centre of the city, first of all we passed a gigantic 15 meter Squirrel. A steel construction of over 15 tones covered in straw built upon the request of the President of the City of Almaty and FUNK company for the Art Energy Almaty festival. As explained by Kazakhs, the Gigantic Squirrel symbolizes the life of inhabitants of the Agglomeration who similarly as squirrels are constantly in movement and adjust to the changing environment.

Thanks to earlier transactions, our brand has already been recognised by many potential customers and companies.  We were given many positive feedbacks and entered into many interesting new contacts. We would like to thank all our visitors for coming, see you at the next international fairs!

Выставка AgroWorld — Алма-Аты, Казахстан

stoły do rzepaku lupus (4)

Our rapeseed harvesting table at Agrokomplex fairs in Nitra, Slovakia!

Our rapeseed harvesting table at Agrokomplex fairs in Nitra, Slovakia!

As of March 26-30, 2019, our rapeseed harvesting tables were exhibited at the international fairs of agricultural machinery of Agrokomplex in Nitra, Slovakia. This event was participated by our business partner KomAgrartechnik, the biggest dealer of Rostselmash in Slovakia, where harvesters of this brand and rapeseed harvesting tables manufactured by Lupus were presented at our exhibition stall. We are glad that our rapeseed harvesting tables are so popular in Europe what may be reflected by sales figures.

budowa nowej hali produkcyjnej lupus

construction of our new production hall

April is a special month for our company, 25 years ago, in 1994, LUPUS (In Latin „Lupus” meaning a „Wolf”) was incorporated by our CEO Sylwester Wilk. Since that time, the company has changed its business profile – we offered our customers various type of services and products. The cooperation with the manufacturer of harvesters, namely Rostselmash was ended 2 years ago, yet the business contacts maintained for years with the eastern friends resulted in new opportunities.

The second half of 2018 resulted in the promotion of new products at the international agricultural fairs. Our rapeseed harvesting table was exhibited in Moscow, Krasnodar, Almaty, and the business meetings held contributed to the establishment of new business contacts and orders.

Along with the end of April 2019, construction of our new production hall of LUPUS is nearing the end. The first steps for the new investment took place in January this year. Currently, the assembly of the steel construction of the production hall was finished and the finishing works are in progress. The release of the new production hall for use will create a completely new perspectives.

The new facility will be equipped in gantries of the maximum load of 5 tones, welding stations. We have also invested in a modern machinery park, bending brakes, machine tools – lathe machining centres, milling machining centres, drilling and milling machining centres, a powder coating facility or plasma for metal cutting. The investment will enable to increase the quality of manufactured products, improve their quality in order for the company to be able to provide more complex service to our Customer.

The finalization of works is planned for the turn of June and July. With relation to the opening of the production hall, as well as the 25th anniversary of the company, an open day of the company will be organised in the form of a picnic to which all of you are kindly invited. More details will be released soon. Please visit our fun page and keep your finger crossed for further business activity of the company.